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released June 29, 2018

All songs written & recorded by Vaulted
Backup vocals somewhere on some song by Shane Frisby
Produced/engineered/mixed by Shane Frisby at The Brick HitHouse
Mastered by Pete Rutcho at The Brick HitHouse
Artwork & layout by Dylan Garrett Smith


all rights reserved



VAULTED Boston, Massachusetts

Aggression from Boston.


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Track Name: The Ones On Top
You can’t tell me who I can love, you can’t tell me how I can fuck.
When the cops bust in you’ll know just who to trust. Keep your head to the ground; it’ll be death from above.
No Gods, No Leaders
Get outta my head, my thoughts in my mind won’t be prosecuted.
Fuck what you say, your righteous talk will get you fucking dead.
You can’t tell me how I can think. You can’t stop us from what we can achieve.
When the troops roll in, it’ll be too late to hide. Throw the rats to the wolves, they’ll be none to confide.
No Gods, No leaders
I never thought it would come to this, a mass of Americans living in ignorance.
A sip of greed, a taste of oil; wash it down with the lives of innocents.
A sip of greed, a taste of oil; wash it down with the lives of the underprivileged.
Call me stupid, I didn’t see this coming; I had more faith in the human race.
Track Name: Crumble
Time spent wasted in my own prison.
Held back, chewed up, spit out, scorned.
Took a risk and took a fall.
Not like things were great before.
Moved mountains to watch them crumble.
Two years away will make you stumble.
No future, no future, no future, no path.
I’ve spent too many days tired of feeling, feeling the same.
Sleepless nights, wasted mornings; pass the time dreaming and growing.
It’s time, time for a change; turn a leaf to feel again.
Not a game, not an option; this lifestyle helps me function.
My past failures won’t define me; I won’t let this world deny me.
It’s time for change.
Now time we change.
I won’t let this world break me.
Track Name: Life Profit
Sitting in silence trapped in my head,
My sense of purpose is left for fucking dead.
Now feeling nauseous but still and calm.
Too late to realize all that went wrong.
Cant feel my bones, tricked into thinking; there isn’t anything there.
Sight turns to gray; life starts to fray. My last nerve’s life starts to fade.
I’m sinking further and further every single day.
Slipping in this black hole, scraping my way back out.
You can’t take this life away from me.
Can't see my breath now anymore. Eyes feeling heavy, head hits floor.
I’m counting backwards from ten to one. Soak in my last glance at the sun.
I don’t care what you say, you kill and get paid; stay safe with your families.
I don’t care what you say, profit from pain is bullshit; wash it down the drain.
Track Name: Death Is The End
We kneel, we pray, we give our lives away,
Hoping one day we live eternally.
But at the end there is no life or pain.
No up or down, pitch-black nothing, no sound.
This life is on fire; this life is on fire. There’s no escaping what’s around you.
This life is on fire; this life is on fire. There’s no escaping all the oxygen.
Save us. Save us. There is no god to save you from your sins.
Don’t let fear hold you back.
This one life is all that you have.
Track Name: Working Class
This life wasn’t meant to break your back for another’s wage.
Social class and social warfare; don’t be late or you’ll have to pay.
Punch in, punch in the gut; get to work, don’t slack off.
Too low of a ceiling; wont reach a normal feeling.
Fall in line, follow the rules, ethics means shit to you.
I won't stand in your line to become a fucking pawn.
Fall in line. Fall in line.
Dedicate, no return, missing life is what you’ll earn.
Using life for someone others gain.
Profit from the backs of others.
Track Name: Keep Watching
Handful of lies handfed through a proper disguise.
Fear only what they tell you to this week.
Resist, refuse to see anything outside a worldview.
Turn up the idiot box up to full.
Do not question what you're told.
Don’t pick up the phone. Lock your doors.
Stay inside and keep watching.
Fuck Fox News; viewers are used to monger fear.
Fuck Fox News, viewers abused.
Tricked to think they’re watching real news.
Track Name: Head Above Water
I found peace in her arms; kept me warm away from harm.
Paradise seemed so far away; in a moment all of that can change.
Found my anchor; contrary to decline, put my best foot forward to try.
Improve myself, improve my situation, to retract a life of tribulation.
Even on my worst days, you know just what to say.
To give me strength; give me a reason, to keep pushing to the next season
There’s no way to repay for a breath of life you gave me.
Was slowly sinking beneath the surface, you reached down and gave me a purpose.
Got my head above water for the first time, solace felt when you said that you were mine.
Track Name: Nuclear Funeral
Fire raining down from the sky, crushing life.
Don’t run don’t hide, end of all times.
Human life won’t last long.
All the streams dry up from
Toxic waste, fallout clouds,
Poisoned air, tainted ground.
We did this to ourselves.
Put trust in men of wealth.
There’s nothing you can do
Once the launch codes are approved.
Mushroom cloud; tidal wave.
Nuclear funeral.
There’s nowhere you can run
When the warheads have been launched.
Mushroom cloud; tidal wave.
Nuclear funeral.
Track Name: Drown Our Fears
Breathe in, breathe out, these days we waste away,
Slowly falling into this shallow grave.
No self-control, this life takes its toll.
In time our flesh will fade and turn to ash.
Taking from us something we thought we had.
A grip on life, understanding of each other.
The will to hold off, harming one another.
Just over the horizon there’s a great big beam of light.
Through fields of horror, people brought on their kind.
I’m not privy to destruction, unless it comes to my life.
You can’t save me.
No will to fight this uphill battle.
You can find me at the bottom of a bottle.
Drowning my fears, building false courage.
It doesn’t take much to get me through this.
You can’t save me.
Track Name: Heroes Betray
Our heroes betray us; littered in filth, ready to lead us on.
Don’t preach to me; don’t preach to me.
Don’t leave it alone; it won’t go on its own.
Our heroes rip us down, filled with guilt, preying on our minds.
Don’t preach to me; don’t preach to me.
I am tired of all the lies, hidden behind the mask of a nice guy.
You don’t mean anything to me.
You piece of trash, you prey on the weak.
You can’t hold values, its fame you seek.
It happens over and over again,
What’s the point in backing bullshit friends?
It happens over and over again,
Good dude backed hard needs to end.
No, No More. No, No More.
We need to tear our idols down,
We need to build some room to breathe.
Exhale every breath, with a purpose, purpose to ease.
False profit on a stage, use your voice, you say nothing.
Waste of breath on a chance to make a change.